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Hi. I'm Dan Bahl. First of all, thanks for coming.

I am a journalism major at Quinnipiac University, with a minor in political science. I am from Suffield, CT, which is known for two things: tobacco and just missing the cut from being part of Massachusetts.


It's a tough break.


I grew up playing sports. I was a soccer phenom during pre-school, and first stepped on both the ice and the diamond around age five.

I love sports. Playing, watching, talking name it. As I got older, and I'd be watching a game on television, I realized that I had started paying less attention to the action on the (fill in the playing surface), and more attention to the voices I was hearing describe it.


I also started listening to the radio more. Not for the music, which is evident by the fact that I don't know the words to most of the songs that kids my age should know. I would listen to morning talk radio, or sports talk, instead. I'd listen to the host, and how he tossed to a commercial break or introduced a new topic. To this day, I still return from a commercial break the exact same way Dale Arnold would do it on WEEI's Dale and Holley: say the phone number twice.

The point of that long soliloquy is a lot more simple than it seems: I fell in love with journalism and it's seemingly endless forms. I have a passion for telling stories, whether it be to inform or entertain. If it's something I've created, then it will typically do both.

I created this website so that you could have a one-stop shop to see how I've put my passion to work over the last few years. From my first job writing for Bonus Hockey, to my current hectic schedule of hosting, calling games and writing stories. There's never a dull day in my professional life, and I hope you enjoy reading, watching and listening to everything as much as I've enjoyed putting it together for you.

Let's have some fun.


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